This summer Atelier Art Studio is expanding our programming to bring some great resources to middle school and high school students.

To kick off the summer we are offering a Free Portfolio Review on Saturday, April 25th. Representatives from the College for Creative Studies are coming to Atelier Art Studio to review and advise future college applicants on how to strengthen their work and prepare for college admissions.

Atelier Art Studio is offering a fun way for students to experiment with a variety of ways of making art. Our Drawing and Painting Sampler program will introduce students to range of different drawing and painting materials and techniques. This one week course is a great way for young artists to discover a way of creating that is right for them.  

We are adding a College Preparedness, Drawing program to help high school seniors make the transition from high school to college level art classes much easier. Students will have the opportunity to develop their drawing skills before starting their first-year classes of college.  This two week program is best suited for high school seniors.

For students wishing to work on building portfolios for admission to their preferred college programs and for scholarship opportunities, Atelier Art Studio has added Portfolio Development. Students will work on developing their personal voice, creative thinking and skill building while focusing on building balanced and high-quality portfolios. This 2 week or 3 week program is best suited for students 9th-11th grade.

Figure Drawing Concentration offers students the opportunity to develop the skill to render the figure from observation. This 4 day workshop teaches the essential elements of gesture, proportion and value rendering that are valuable for students building portfolios or drawing for pleasure. 

Youth students are welcome to join our ongoing drawing and painting classes. They will be to able enjoy the same flexibility to adjust their schedules that they had last summer. This allows our students to keep progressing on their art skills while enjoying the other aspects of summer like family vacations.