Class Schedule

Long Studio, Instructor: Todd Burroughs

Long Studio, Instructor: Golsa Yaghoobi
1:30pm-4:30 pm
Long Studio, Instructor: Golsa Yaghoobi

Class Materials List

Oil Paint:
Please do not purchase Winton, water-miscible or student grade paint.

Palette 1:
Flake White or Titanium White, 5 oz
*Flake White contains Lead
Burnt Umber, 1.25 oz

Palette 2:
Yellow Ochre, 1.25 oz
Yellow Ochre Half-Burnt (Old Holland), 1.25 oz
Raw Sienna, 1.25 oz
Burnt Sienna, 1.25 oz
Venetian Red (Old Holland), 1.25 oz
Ultramarine Blue, 1.25 oz
Cinnabar Green Light, 1.25 oz
*Other colors as needed

2 ea. #2 Long Flat or Filbert, Bristle
2 ea. #2 Long Flat or Filbert, Soft
2 ea. #4 Long Flat or Filbert, Bristle
2 ea. #2 Long Flat or Filbert, Soft
2 ea. #6 Long Flat or Filbert, Bristle
1 ea. #10 Long Flat or Filbert, Bristle
1 ea. #1 Round Sable or Sablette

Palette Knife
Disposable Paper Palette, 12”x16”
Pencil (2H) and Eraser
Good Quality, Pre-Stretched Canvas, 24”x30” Minimum Size
Gridded and Printed Reference Image

Atelier Art Studio will provide brush cleaners and mediums. If you are painting at home we strongly recommend the use of Gamsol solvent for your brush cleaning and medium making.

Coming soon

High School Drawing

Our premier youth program provides a clear path to students interested in pursuing a career in art or design. The program empowers students to build top-quality portfolios for scholarship consideration and admission to the best college programs. The skills attained in the program prepare students to make a smooth transition from high school to college.

While students have the opportunity to complete the program with a strong portfolio it is a great vehicle for creating a meaningful experience for students who are pursuing art as an extra-curricular activity without the intention of studying art or design as a career.

  • Three-hour sessions. Encouraged to meeting twice per week.
  • Multi-year program (9th- 12th Grade)
  • Program progresses from technical fundamentals to high-quality art making and conceptual projects to create compelling and powerful portfolios
  • Exhibitions
  • Participation in Scholastic Art and Writing Awards
  • College preparation
  • Developing a competitive advantage for scholarships
  • Admission to highly competitive college programs
  • Studio visits from college admissions agents

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