Class Schedule

Studio 1, Instructor: Staff
Studio 1, Instructor: Staff
Studio 1, Instructor: Staff

Long Studio, Instructor: Todd Burroughs

Long Studio, Instructor: Staff
Long Studio, Instructor: Staff
Long Studio, Instructor: Staff

Class Materials List

Oil Paint:
Please do not purchase Winton, water-miscible or student grade paint.

Palette 1:
Flake White or Titanium White, 5 oz
*Flake White contains Lead
Burnt Umber, 1.25 oz

Palette 2:
Yellow Ochre, 1.25 oz
Yellow Ochre Half-Burnt (Old Holland), 1.25 oz
Raw Sienna, 1.25 oz
Burnt Sienna, 1.25 oz
Venetian Red (Old Holland), 1.25 oz
Ultramarine Blue, 1.25 oz
Cinnabar Green Light, 1.25 oz
*Other colors as needed

2 ea. #2 Long Flat or Filbert, Bristle
2 ea. #2 Long Flat or Filbert, Soft
2 ea. #4 Long Flat or Filbert, Bristle
2 ea. #2 Long Flat or Filbert, Soft
2 ea. #6 Long Flat or Filbert, Bristle
1 ea. #10 Long Flat or Filbert, Bristle
1 ea. #1 Round Sable or Sablette

Palette Knife
Disposable Paper Palette, 12”x16”
Pencil (2H) and Eraser
Good Quality, Pre-Stretched Canvas, 24”x30” Minimum Size
Gridded and Printed Reference Image

Atelier Art Studio will provide brush cleaners and mediums. If you are painting at home we strongly recommend the use of Gamsol solvent for your brush cleaning and medium making.


  • Ebony Pencils
  • Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils (Four colors of your choosing)


  • Art Gum Eraser
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Tombow Mono Colored Pencil Eraser
  • White Vinyl Eraser
  • Optional: A Tombow Mono Zero detail eraser is also great to have

Measuring Tools:

  • C-thru 18” (8 squares to the inch)
  • C-thru 6” (8 squares to the inch)
  • Small plumb bob (I will show you this item in our first class)
  • Optional: A small bow compass

Other Materials

  • 18”x24” Pad of drawing paper: Good choices include, Blick Drawing Pad, Canson XL Sketch Pad, or Strathmore Sketch Pad
  • Good quality pencil sharpener: A good choice is the Prismacolor Pencil Sharpener from Dick Blick
  • Tacklebox to carry supplies
  • Hard portfolio or soft portfolio with boards to transport and protect drawings

*We will add charcoal drawing supplies and paper later in the class

Fundamentals of Drawing

A comprehensive study of drawing which progresses from understanding natural perspective and culminating in advanced projects. Modeled on the highly-regarded drawing programs of art and design colleges.

  • All members are encouraged to take this program as a foundation to subsequent study
  • Emphasis on developing the core skills of observation and quality workmanship
  • Open to all levels of experience, no prerequisite

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