Atelier Art Studio Scholarship Program

Atelier Art Studio offers scholarships in acknowledgment of Joe Kay and his history of creating opportunity for those in need.

The Joe Kay Scholarship Program provides access to Atelier Art Studio for high school students who would otherwise be financially unable to attend.

Criteria for successful applicants to the scholarship program include quality of work, artistic intent, and demonstrated financial need.

Scholarship awards are applied only to membership costs and monthly tuition and do not include materials, modeling fees for other expenses. The Scholarship Committee of Atelier Art Studio evaluates all applicants and makes award decisions. The committee’s decisions are final.

Individuals wishing to contribute to the scholarship program can do so in the web store or by calling Atelier Art Studio at 248-798-3409. Contributions given in recognition of others will receive a handwritten note of acknowledgment and thanks.

Applications are reviewed throughout the year as funding becomes available.

Application Process for Joe Kay Scholarship Program:

  • The scholarship process begins with a one to two-page letter of intent written by the applicant. Please tell us about yourself. Possible topics include; What are your reasons for applying to the scholarship program? Do you intend to study art or design as a career? What role does art play in your life? What are your other interest?
  • Next, we would like to see what art you have already made. Please include 2-5 images of paintings or drawings that you are proud of.
  • Two letters of recommendation. These can be from teachers, employers, or other non-family members who are familiar with your interest in the arts.
  • Please describe your financial situation.
  • Please include any additional information that should be taken into consideration with your application.
  • Lastly, we would like to meet you and a parent/guardian at the studio for a brief conversation about your goals and interests.

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Scholarship form

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