Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the Atelier Art Studio?

All are welcome. Our programming is designed for high school aged students and adults. Seventh and eighth graders are considered on a case by case basis.

What do I bring with me?

When you enroll in a topic you will receive a materials list for your course. Your instructor will let you know in advance what materials you need to bring each week. We provide solvents and mediums for oil painting courses, so please do not bring these with you. For drawing classes, Atelier provides drawing boards and clamps for studio use.

What if I have never drawn or painted before?

Prepare to be amazed by what you will make. Our programs have a proven history of effectiveness at all experience levels. You will want to start with Fundamentals of Drawing and after you have developed your drawing skills, we will help you find a topic that you are interested in studying, and that fits your schedule.

How many people are going to be in my session?

Our minimum session size is five participants, with a maximum of ten in a studio. We limit the number of members in each session to maintain our commitment to a high-quality studio experience.

When can I enroll in Atelier Art Studio?

Since Atelier does not work on a semester model we are always accepting new members.

Can I get a tour of the studio?

Certainly. We delight in sharing our beautiful studio and amazing students with visitors. Please get in touch with us to arrange a time to visit.

Where is Atelier Art Studio?

Atelier is located at 407 E. 4th Street in downtown Royal Oak. Easy walking distance to city’s many cultural and dining attractions.

What are my options for lunch?

When you are ready for lunch you have several options. Atelier Art Studio has a small kitchen with refrigerator and microwave if you would like to bring lunch from home, there are several restaurants in easy walking distance to the studio and we offer both veg and non-veg box lunch options. If you would like to order a box lunch and have it waiting for you at the studio please order ahead of time.

How does parking work?

There are several options for parking at the studio. We have a parking lot with ten spaces right at the studio. These spaces are prioritized for members who use wheelchairs or with limited mobility. If you would like one of these spaces reserved please let us know in advance.

How long are sessions?

Adult sessions are scheduled to give you the most out of your trip to the studio. We want you to have plenty of time to settle in, get your questions answered and have a great session. Our longer classes and high instructor-to-member ratio assure that your time in the studio is relaxing and productive. Adult sessions are four hours each during the week. High school and Saturday sessions are three hours each.

What if I need to miss my scheduled session?

We understand that things happen in life besides coming to the studio; appointments, illness and travel should not mean that you have to lose your studio time. Since Atelier is run by artists we understand how important that time is. If you need to miss your scheduled session you will enjoy one of the advantages of being a member. Members have the ability to reschedule their sessions up to 48 hours in advance. If you are going to miss for any reason just let us know and we will help you find another session for you to spend that session’s subscription on.  You can attend another day of your chosen topic, come to one of our open sessions or try something entirely different. Please be advised that sessions are maxed at ten members.

What if I am going to miss a lot of time?

Atelier programing is designed to respond to the needs of its members. If you are going to miss an extended period of time please let us know thirty days in advance and we will suspend your monthly dues. We do not want you paying for a service that you are not using. Please understand that you have to let us know in advance since we cannot refund sessions missed without notice. If you know that you will only be able to attend for a few months of the year, talk with us to see if a guest membership is a better option for you.

Can I come to the studio more than once a week?

Absolutely. We want to have you in the studio with us so we make it easy to participate. Your monthly dues include your discount on class subscriptionson. If you wish to attend additional sessions subscriptions to each class can be purchased as part of your monthly package or as needed.   


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