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Atelier (əˈtelieɪ) is a French word which means an artist’s studio or workshop. It’s a simple definition with a much deeper meaning. Atelier is an artistic philosophy and method that fosters growth under the personal tutelage of experienced masters. Learn more about this unique and flexible approach to unlocking and honing your artistic skills in a number of popular mediums. Learn more

Membership has its benefits

Atelier operates on a subscription system which allows each member the flexibility to explore different ways of making art find their right program. Once you find a time and course of study that is right for you just add that class to your shopping cart and you are all set. You will have your chosen session always reserved for you.

If you are going to miss a session let us know at least 48 hours before your scheduled time and you will be able to spend your token on a different session. Atelier is all about making it easy for you to be in the studio. You can take your usual subject on another day, do a back to back session, or try something different. Just log into your account and see what is available.

There are a couple of ways to gain access to Atelier Art Studio.
The best value is to become a member. Once you register for an annual membership you will receive discounted rates on classes, workshops and merchandise. Additionally, you gain access to the rescheduling function on the calendar and are automatically included in the jury pool for Atelier exhibitions.

Class Subscriptions


Atelier Oil Painting, Observational Oil Painting, High School Oil Painting, Open Oil Paint


Atelier Drawing, Fundamentals of Drawing, Figure Drawing (Short pose), Portrait Drawing (Short pose), High School Drawing, Open Drawing, Figure Drawing (Long Pose), Potrait Drawing (Long Pose)


Concepts, Studio Essentials, Date Night, Stay Sharp Summer Program, Social Studio

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